Transform your brick home with a fresh coat of white and landscape lights!

Article by Buffie Baril

Photography by James Williams Photos

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

SURELY YOU’VE TRAVELED DOWN THE SCENIC ROADS OF FRANKLIN AND NOTICED MORE WHITE HOUSES THAN EVER BEFORE. It’s clearly a trend and we wanted to know more.  “White brick is what’s in now,” says Allbright Pro Painting Owner Aaron Villanueva.  “One of my favorite projects is painting exterior brick homes because the transformation is phenomenal!”  Aaron adds, “Paint is like a shield. It provides an extra layer of protection from outside elements like moisture and heat damage. It’s also easy to maintain.”  Color matters. Aaron says it’s important to find the right shade of creamy or bright white to make a home look fabulous. Not long ago, Franklin resident Maria West had her home painted. “I love anything classic and timeless. White never goes out of style. It is a time-honored color that can enhance anything inside or outside a home. I knew this house had gorgeous aesthetics, and I wanted to accentuate them in a way that would complement the homes around us. I found myself driving around Franklin and studying all the different white homes. I was really specific with my vision and wanted to stay away from anything that pulled shades of yellow in sunlight or at dusk. Aaron told me, ‘Snowbound is what you want,’ and he was right! In the evenings or on cloudy days, it pulls a really nice shade of gray. The gutters, which used to be an afterthought, are now just as much an aesthetic addition we wanted to accentuate. We chose the shade, Iron Ore, because it was a natural color that matched our front door.” Timing matters. Whole house exterior projects generally take between 4-7 days depending on the house’s square footage  and weather conditions. One last tip: Make sure you check with your HOA first (if you have one) so that you can conform to your neighborhood bylaws.  Lastly, do a little research on your own before you dip your brush in the paint can!

“WHO KNEW OUTDOOR LIGHTING WAS A SCIENCE? Hue, color of the home, angle of the lightbulbs, and shadows are all factors to consider when choosing outdoor lighting,” says Maria West.   David Heffington, owner of Point Outdoors, LLC explains the value of outdoor lighting. “Having an illuminated home can add value, especially in this hot market!” He continues, “I love looking at a home or business and figuring out how to make it tastefully stand out. Your outdoor space, whether it’s your front yard or back patio area, is an extension of your home and should be as warm and inviting as the indoors.”  David adds, “For Maria West’s home, we waited until after the brick had been painted to ensure that we picked the proper colored bulbs for the house and landscape. Lights can range from warm and yellow to cool and blue depending on the kelvin of the bulbs used. One bulb color definitely does not fit all.  And after the installation, we always come out at dusk to adjust the lights and make sure the fixtures are angled properly and hit the structure and eves perfectly.  Even the smallest adjustments of angles can make a world of difference! We are proud of the way her home turned out.” Maria West explains, “I just left the science to David to make sure it was bright enough without it looking like a scene from a National Lampoon movie. He accentuated all the things about the home and put so much care and thought into it. The end results of both our painting and lighting projects are better than I had envisioned. Now the outside of our home has the same light and bright vibe we have on the inside.”