Top Evergreen Tree Picks

I am sure you have heard the old Chinese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now!”  This statement rings true for just about every tree one could think about planting except evergreen privacy trees, they only need 5 or less years to block out your nosey neighbors or those loud tires flying down the road!  We plant all sizes of trees from 4-5 foot to 14 and above.

One question we get asked weekly is “what type of evergreens should we plant?” There are several varieties that Point Outdoors recommends depending on your space, soil and overall vision for your home.   One of our favorite tested trees if you have a larger property is the “Thuja Green Giant”.  These Cyprus evergreen trees look very similar to its “cousin, the well-known Lealand Cyprus.  Green Giants however are more resistant to diseases that can plague Lealands which is why we prefer to plant these evergreens over other variety.  The bottom half of Green Giants also seem to be a bit wider and seem to create a quicker complete lower hedge in our opinion. Both Conifers can have small cones that emerge green in the spring and turn brown toward the fall and winter months. They are quick growers with Green Giants reaching 30-50 feet on average and Lealands up to 40-70 feet.  If you do however have a spot that is in full sun with zero shade or near hot pavement the Lealand would be the best choice in that case.

For smaller yards still wanting a tall reaching privacy hedge, we commonly plant “Emerald Green” Arborvitaes.  These trees are perfect for around pools, patios and for spaces not needing as wide of a base. These slender pyramidal shaped trees reach heights of 15-20 feet but do have a slower growth rate than other evergreens at around 9 inches to 1 foot a year, so we advise planting larger trees for quicker privacy.  They are extremely disease resistant and remain the same vibrant color in the Tennessee winter months where as “Green Giants” and “Lealands” tend to lose a little of their lustful color.

Point Outdoors always loves to come out and assess each property before providing a quote so we can best talk through each Customer’s wants and create an individualized plan for success. Give us a call today as Winter and Spring is always the best time to plant trees in Middle Tennessee!